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Stroudsburg, PA: The Cost of Being a Senior

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Oct 2, 2018 2:05:00 PM

Senior couple reviewing finances

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful place to live. But for those entering their senior years, it takes more than beauty to make a location adequate. Seniors require more care, and the management of finances can become more important than ever to ensure you receive the care and attention you need. Below you'll find a guide to help you understand the costs associated with senior care in Stroudsburg.

Stroudsburg: Basic Stats

The small area of Stroudsburg includes about 6,000 people. Out of this population, roughly 15% are seniors, with close to 30% of them living alone. Pennsylvania, and the Stroudsburg area in particular, houses a larger senior population than the national average, which means senior care services could be more in-demand.

The average household income is around $33,000 per year, lower than the state average, with 27% of seniors reporting an income of less than $20,000 per year. Stroudsburg's cost of living, however, is also lower than average.

Cost of Care for Seniors in Stroudsburg, PA

Nursing Home 

Senior care facilities are becoming more in-demand as a large part of the population ages. In the Stroudsburg area, you can expect to pay between $225 to $245 per day at nursing homes, which ends up being between $6,750 and $7,350 per month. However, this cost may be worth it for seniors who require 24/7 care. 

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities have boomed in the area in recent years, driving down costs. But even with this boom, you can still expect to pay around $3,000 per month.

In-Home Care

Staying in your home is an ideal option for most seniors because it contributes to independence and happiness. But getting the proper care is also important, so many seniors turn to caregivers or home health aides who tend to their needs in their own, personal space. The average cost of a home health aide can run about $19 and $21 per hour, working on a senior's schedule. This type of care is often the most affordable option for seniors.

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