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Safe Exercise Equipment That Seniors Can Use Indoors

Posted by Michael Watson on Nov 6, 2018 2:06:00 PM

Senior man doing planks in his living room

More and more seniors are continuing to exercise as they get older, or are beginning to incorporate it into their life more as they age. Whatever the case may be, it is very important that the proper exercise equipment is used. In terms of safety, it is wise for seniors to exercise indoors. This provides them with a safe and effective workout. Here are some great examples of safe exercise equipment for seniors to use indoors.

Ankle Weights 

A great cardio exercise for seniors is walking. This helps to get their blood flowing and can improve their heart health. A great way to make walking a bit more challenging is to add some resistance in the form of ankle weights. These weights are generally light weight, around 2 to 3 pounds, thus making them completely safe for seniors. They also come in a variety of sizes, making it possible for all seniors to fit them around their ankles. Seniors can wear them when walking on the treadmill, an indoor track, or some other indoor walking location. 


Many senior fitness classes that take place indoors actually incorporate the use of chairs and these chairs are incredibly helpful for seniors. The chairs can be used to do abdominal workouts by lifting the legs, seniors can sit on them when doing upper body band or dumbbell exercises, and they can use them for balance when doing single or double leg lower body exercises. The back of the chair can even be used to loop the band around, creating more exercise options. 

Step Platform

A step platform is essentially a short bench that can be adjusted depending on how many risers are put underneath it. This in and of itself is great for seniors because they can choose an appropriate height for the exercises they are doing, either at home or at the gym. The platform can then be used to do step-ups, which get a senior's heart rate up and helps them work their lower body. The platform can also be used for upper body exercises, such as chest presses, lat pull-overs, tricep dips, and more.

Safe exercise equipment that seniors can use indoors is crucial. To learn more about safe exercises that seniors can do, refer to our infographic on exercises to improve balance

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